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Rebecca Black of Etiquette Now!

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Rebecca has published over 50 books!  Please visit her Author Page on Amazon for the full list.

Rebecca is frequently interviewed on all major networks.  For a full list of her television appearances, please visit our You Tube channel.

We have been quite busy here at Etiquette Now! Rebecca, The Polite One has written and published over 50 etiquette books, three fully illustrated children’s book about saving the ocean and wildlife, created seven new blogs, received more lovely clients, and Rebecca has appeared on all local television networks. Stay tuned for more exciting news going forward!

We are now presenting classes and workshops in your home!  Please contact us for details.

Rebecca started seven new blogs!  

Got Etiquette Advice     Got Wedding Etiquette     Etiquette Now! Insights  

The Polite One’s Insights     Living Well & Enjoying Life      Author Rebecca Black

Rebecca’s Travels Insights   

Got Etiquette Advice Blog


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Rebecca Black of Etiquette Now!

Rebecca Black

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Walker Black


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